A denim on denim look can be very tricky; It can work and be really stylish or it can be a complete disaster; especially if the colors of the denim don’t match.

(Tip: always pick the same color denim. You can even choose to have one of your pieces lighter than the other; but never choose a different kind of blue).

I wore medium blue jeans from Top Shop and a distressed denim jacket from forever 21 which is almost the same denim color. I was in the mood for pink that day because it was the beginning of spring, therefore I wore my Calvin Klein logo t-shirt with a floral headband.

Another tip to master the denim on denim trend would be not add to many colors when choosing an outfit. Always choose beige, black, or white to add a chic look. To finish off the outfit, I chose to wear my Zara beige shoes with a Calvin Klein bag.



Jacket : forever21 

Top : Calvin klein

Jeans : Topshop

Shoes : Zara

Bag : Calvin Klein

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