A lot of people have been asking me lately about how I make my lips look so full and I’ve been meaning to address that, so here it is.

Before anything, let me start by saying that I’ve always been blessed with larger than average lips. No, I didn’t have lip fillers (I get asked that too) and yes, these are without a doubt mine. There is, however, a trick, or tip if you may, that can help create the fuller lips effect that many women desire. I have been doing this for a long time and you can have success no matter your lip size. Here are a few steps that I use daily to achieve a full-lips look.
I use 1 lipliner and 2 lipsticks to continue the following steps :

Step 1 : draw an X on the cupid’s bow

Step 2: continue to trace the outer line of your lips ( don’t go too crazy, always make it look natural) photo-9

Step 3: draw one line in the middle of your bottom lip to have that pouty effect

Step 4: color in with the lipstick you want (always use a lighter color than the lipliner) 

Step 5 : use a slightly lighter lipstick color for the middle lips.

And voilà, a voluminous lip illusion. 

for any suggestions of topics you would like me to write about feel free to comment below!

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