When it comes to white pants, many people tend to stay away from them because they aren’t easiest thing to wear. Depending on what season it is or what the weather looks like, white pants can be an iffy item at times and that is why I’ve come up with spring outfit ideas that include white pants and different ways to wear them. I used only two pairs of pants (ripped white jeans) and (wide-legged pants) to create the outfits and these are only a few of the outfits that can be created. (You can create way more).

1- Chic attire 

outfit details: Zara wide leg white pants, top and hat; Mango shoes;Tory burch Handbag; Prada sunglasses

2- Retro style 

Outfit details:  forever21 jacket; American eagle jeans; Tommy Hilfiger shoes and bag; Zara bodysuit

3- Edgy outfit 

Outfit details: Forever21 jacket, Zara top and boots; American eagle jeans; Tory burch

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