How making my circle smaller made me a better and happier person

time-to-reevaluate-my-circle-quote-1For Everyone who has known me for a long time and has seen or spoken to me lately, it’s easy to realize that I’m not the same person I was 5 or even 3 years ago. Making my circle smaller was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it happened gradually as time went by. Distancing myself from a lot of people made me a better and happier person. Here are a few ways I was able to make this happen:

1- No more toxic friendships:

Toxic friendships can be worse than toxic relationships. I believe that everyone should be very picky when it comes to people who they trust and spend lots of time with. Always be with the people who make you happy and comfortable and step away from doubtful people who make you question their loyalty and love for you as a true friend.

2- A drama free environment (well… almost)

Fewer friends, less drama. You’ve probably heard that a million times; that’s because it’s true. Fake or false friends always seem to carry a lot of unnecessary drama that no one should feel obligated to deal with. Sometimes with friends, you get the feeling that their issues become YOUR issues; in this case, less is MORE. With a smaller group of friends, drama decreases and fun increases.

3- Positive vibes only:

I’m a big believer in vibes. Yes VIBES. To put it simply, I get good and bad vibes from being around certain people and it really makes me think twice about who I’d rather hang around. This doesn’t make me a mind reader or anything; I can’t tell who’s truly a good person or not. What I can tell, however, is how people act around me and how it makes me feel. It’s just how I operate. My point is, surround yourself with positivity so that it can rub off on you and so that you can be at peace. Being around people who provide you with positive energy can make you a happier person.

4- Supportive surroundings

This is SO important and I can’t emphasize it enough; you must find your support. You’ve got to be around people who have your back. People who are willing to help you move FORWARD in anything. You need friends and people you call family to be there for you when you need them. In choosing who you associate yourself with and who you bring closer into your life, you must take a step back and look at who is truly there for you. In all aspects of life, you will need support and you will learn to give it to those who matter. Anyone you consider to be a close friend should be supportive of you, and that support should be reciprocated. ย 1171276

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