Lebanon has thousands of restaurants and to be able to try them all would be AMAZING. As I attempt to explore different restaurants and eats, I often like to share my experiences and give recommendations for those who love to eat. Most of us can name the most popular restaurants in Lebanon and we can all say that they should be on everyone’s to-do list. But today, I’d like to veer away from the well-known and famous by mentioning 5 places I’ve recently been to that are not as popular but are certainly worth the visit:

1. Frida –  Lebanese and Mexican restaurant

img_2341If you’re looking to enjoy something different that you wouldn’t usually find everywhere, then you must visit Frida. A Lebanese restaurant with a Mexican touch that serves mouth-watering meals. It has a cozy ambience with a lovely décor and I urge you to visit. My recommended dish is markouk Frida.

2. Una pizza- Italian restaurant

img_2338A small space that serves up one of the best pizzas in Lebanon. YUP it’s that good! It surely is worth the trip if you live in Beirut. They offer many different types of pizza made with real and fresh ingredients and baked in a wooden fired oven. They also serve tasty original pastas and salads that are sure to keep you coming back. This place is a must! My recommended dishes are the truffle pizza and the lemon pasta.


3. Black Rock-  Steak houseimg_2333

An underrated restaurant with an interesting way of serving their meals. Your choice of meat or chicken is placed on a volcanic rock and served to you almost uncooked. The volcanic rock acts as a grill which you would use to cook the meat to your liking right on your own table! The food is phenomenal and it’s even better when you can cook it as you like. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that you must try. My recommended dish is chicken breast/filet mignon on volcanic rock.

4. Le cap- Seafood restaurant

img_2340A gem by the water that serves Lebanese cuisine and is known for their fresh fish. This memorable restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating that you won’t experience anywhere else. Tables are set up outside right by the shore and you could even take a dip in the water if the weather permits. I decided to do my last photoshoot at this restaurant as the view was just so breathtaking. My recommended dishes are sultan brahim and shrimps .

img_19355. Liza-Lebanese cuisine

A classy and traditional Lebanese cuisine with everything you would want in an authentic Lebanese meal. The food is absolutely delicious and the décor was beyond gorgeous; I couldn’t stop taking pictures. If you go on a Friday, I suggest the siyediye fish plat du jour.


Whether you are in search of a great meal or looking to try a restaurant that escapes the ordinary, these choices are sure to please you.


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