I must say, having several siblings is a great thing, in fact, it’s a blessing. Today, I’d like to share some of the reasons I am so grateful for them and why they are such an important part of life. My four sisters and brother have taught me a great deal about a host of things and I wouldn’t be Maysself today if it wasn’t for them. Things aren’t always easy when you combine six outgoing personalities, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s great having them around because my sisters allow me to have four closets to pick out clothes from and my brother is always there to stop the arguing when my sisters and I borrow each other’s belongings haha! But seriously, I love them to death. They are all unique in their own way and they each have a different way of thinking. Here are some of the lessons and pieces of advice each of my siblings has taught me

1. Live your life to the fullest and travel (a lot) 

My brother is the reason for constant laughter in our household. He believes that life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously and that you shouldn’t let your fears dictate what you do. He travels a whole lot and preaches that you should often go to new places and discover countries and their cultures as well as learn new languages. Traveling always makes for awesome adventures and amazing stories and that is why, I too, hope to one day travel and go EVERYWHERE to live and laugh and get away from it all. 


2. Forever young; No worries

I have literally never seen my younger sister upset, stressed, or even sad (unless she’s hungry). She is constantly without a worry and that is because she always tries to stay young at heart. Although one can’t simply stay young forever, they should never believe they are ‘too old’ for anything. Many people, it seems, can’t wait to grow up or get older and little do they know, it comes with a lot of responsibility. I’m here to tell you that there is no rush and I’ve come to learn that living young can make you happier. 

3. Always plan before you do anything and be smart with your decisions

One of my older sisters seems to always achieve a goal she sets for herself and thrives to get where she’s aiming to be. This isn’t because of “luck” or anything like that, but because of her ambition and intelligence. She taught me that you must always have a plan, and that goes for EVERYTHING. She even goes beyond her plan A and B to come up with plans C and D and that is how committed she is to getting things done. She has also taught me analyze the consequences before I make important decisions and to make sure those decisions aren’t rushed. 


4. Always put yourself first and be kind to everyone 

Sister number 3 is always pushing me to be my best. She also taught me how to put myself first. She is a strong-minded individual who is always reminding me that life is what you make it and that success is measured by how hard you try. She also continues to remind me to be kind to everyone, no matter what. You never know what people are going through which is why you must be kind and gentle with everyone along the way. 

 5. Never regret anything and remember shopping is always the answer

My oldest sister is a big believer that one should always do what they feel is right without worrying about the opinions of others. She says that you should follow your instincts and do what is in YOUR best interest without regrets that may leave you questioning yourself. One thing she and I never regret is shopping. She is the reason that I have come to LOVE shopping and I thank her for it. She has taught me how to develop a sense a style and express myself through fashion. Without her, I don’t know what in the world I would wear.

If any of you have siblings, you can agree with me when I say that it’s something like a love/hate relationship with them. But you would also agree that you have learned so much from them. They are a handful but I am truly grateful. What I learned, and will continue to learn, as a result of my siblings, is something that I will always carry with me. 

5 thoughts on “Learning from my 5 siblings

  1. You’re story is so genuine and so sincere. I can feel the love, the passion and the strong bond that you have to your family between your lines and your words. Keep them close to you no matter what, cherish every moment you spend with them and show them the love you have. Thank you for your story.


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