cb738f8dd23ef5d86a425f1a794d6950It’s Sunday, and we know that no one wants to do much of anything, but here’s something I wanted to share that can really be effective for anyone in search of a home remedy that is great for skin and is super quick and easy. A lazy Sunday calls for a homemade mask to freshen up the skin from all the stress of a work and school-week. I have been personally using these recipes, especially during finals week, as they provide me with a refreshed look and a relaxed feel when I need it the most. 

1- Egg whites and lemon with rose water: The cleansing mask 


For radiant and glowing skin, egg whites are the perfect ingredient. Yes, egg whites! My cleansing mask and my breakfast! Egg whites can actually help peal off dead skin and even remove blackheads. Egg whites have astringent properties that help shrink pores by tightening the skin so that nothing could affect it. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acids that help to brighten the skin and remove scars as well as dark spots on the face. 

Direction: Use one raw egg and use only the egg white. Put the egg white in a bowl then add several drops of lemon juice followed by a small spoon of rose water. Mix until blended 

2- Ginger and cucumber: An acne solution. 

gingerThe natural anti-inflammatory elements of ginger aid in reducing inflamed acne. Ginger is also great for strengthening the immune system of the skin while rejuvenating and repairing it. Cucumbers contain ascorbutic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid; both of those important ingredients work to soothe skin irritations and reduce any swelling. For extra benefits, you can also add lemon juice.

Direction: Grate a teaspoon of ginger and add several drops of lemon juice. Mix and apply to skin. Slice the cucumber and place the pieces on to your face after the ginger and lemon mix has been applied.  

3- Cinnamon honey mask : Exfoliating mask

th-1Honey is an an anti-inflammatory substance that can be used for aging skin and boosting  one’s complexion. It can also help to unclog pores for a clean look. Cinnamon extracts and powder act as great exfoliants and can be used to remove dead skin cells. This helps to restore the shine and suppleness of skin.

Direction: Use 2 tablespoons of honey and add a small spoon of cinnamon power. Mix together well and apply to the skin.  

4-  Nutmeg and baking soda (with lemon juice or honey) : Dark spots, acne scars and blemishes treatment mask 

81d413272c0b381690dca7f606408856Baking soda is good for someone who is looking for a bright look to their skin. It can fight acne and annoying pimples that seem to get in the way of looking great. The nutmeg then works to ensure blemishes fade and disappear easily.  

Direction: Mix baking soda and add several drops of lemon juice (or honey). Then add a teaspoon of nutmeg and massage into your skin.

So whether you’re spending your Sunday being productive, or the complete opposite, you can use these recipes to create your own skin refining products that take no more than 3 mins to put together. Be sure to keep each mask on for 20 minutes and then completely wash off. To be safe, try the recipes on skin surfaces which are not as sensitive as the face in order to be sure that there aren’t any allergic reactions. If you feel any irritation or discomfort while wearing these masks, quickly wash away with cold water to ensure there are no side effects. Good luck and I hope you enjoy trying these at home!

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